Center for Child Care Employment- The Early Childhood Workforce Index

Policies in All 50 States Shortchange Early Educators, Undermining Early Learning for Millions of Children

First-ever comprehensive state-by-state analysis of early education employment conditions and policies outlines strategies for building a skilled and stable workforce to teach America’s youngest children.

Two Million Educators are being short changed when it comes to shaping the future of 12 million children in child care and preschools across the nation. According to the groundbreaking report realized in July 2016 by the Center for Child Care Employment (CSCCE) at the University of California, Berkeley.

The Early Childhood Workforce index is the first-ever comprehensive state-by-state analysis of early childhood employment conditions and policies. It is also the first to provide readers with practical policy level solutions that policymakers, business and labor leaders, and educators can use to address the crisis of low wages and economic insecurity among our childhood teachers and the lack of affordable and high quality services for children across the united states. View state specific findings on an interactive map.

Marcy Whitebrook, Director of CSCCE and one of the study authors states, “Early educators’ skills, knowledge, and well-being are inseparable from the quality of children’s early learning experiences….But states are failing to provide the combination of appropriate compensation, professional work environments, and training teachers need to help children succeed.”


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