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We will keep this section of the webpage updated so you can find out more information about past and future events, news and updates on legislation.

5/7/2021 Early Childhood Teachers’ Wellbeing: What We Know and Why We Should Care Read More

7/3/2023 Minnesota Makes Major Strides on Behalf of Children and Families Read More

6/28/2023 Betting on the Future of Children Born into Poverty Read More

6/27/2023 State Legislatures Expand Child Care Investments During Their 2023 Sessions Read More

05/25/2023 Impact of Child Care Stabilization Grants on Programs Serving Infants and Toddlers: How Grants Helped Programs and Families, and How the End of Grants Will Hurt Them Read More

12/2/2022 Powerful ECE Registry Data is Key to Informing Workforce Compensation Policy & Strategies Read More

4/21/2021Early Childhood Teacher Apprenticeships in a Mixed Delivery System Watch Here

5/25/2022 Registered Apprenticeships Webinar Watch Here

5/11/2023 Minneapolis Fed report shows child care industry struggling, despite some improvements Read More

4/24/2023 President Biden’s Executive Order on Child Care, Explained Read More

5/11/2023 Policy Makers Poised to Agree on Investments in Child Care Read More

5/9/2023 Child Care & Development Block Grant in Minnesota Fact Sheet Read More

5/2/2023 Karin Swenson: State dollars are needed ensure sufficient child care and early education programs Read More

4/28/2023 Early Childhood Legislation Updates Read the Revisor’s Side by Side breakdown of the EC Legislation in the House and Senate Read More

4/18/2023 Biden issues executive order to make child and home care cheaper Read More

3/31/2023 President Biden proclaims April 2023 as Care Workers Recognition Month. Read More

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