P3 Design Team – Advisory Council for the B8 Workforce Core Team

The P3 Design Team (formerly known as the PreK – 3 Design Team) serves as the Advisory Council for the B8 Workforce Core Team.

The P3 Design Team was convened by the West Central Initiative, with support from the McKnight Foundation, in 2014.  The P3 Design Team is a broad group of early childhood stakeholders with a desire to improve outcomes for children and families which has focused on deep learning about early childhood issues in Minnesota, alignment between early childhood and early elementary as well as racial equity.  Following the 2015 legislative debates over the best means for increasing access to early childhood education, and especially for serving four year olds, the Design Team turned its attention in 2015 to determining how Minnesota might provide broad access to high-quality, preschool programming for four year olds in a mixed delivery context. This report contains the Design Team’s recommendations for doing so:   P3 Design Team Report on Preschool for 4-year olds in Minnesota.

List of P3 Design Team Members


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