What We Know About What Parents Are Looking for in Early Care and Education

We have background to share why the early years matter and how investment in early learning has one of the highest returns on investments. It is necessary for Minnesota to improve the over all economy by taking the steps needs to ensure accessible high quality early education as a resource for all families.

Key findings:

  • Nine out of ten education and six out of ten parents agree that quality means having teachers who “inspire the kids” and promote positive social and emotional development.2
  • 68% of parents want teachers who are well compensated and meet state and local standards.2
  • 54% of parents said they chose early learning settings because they needed care so that they could go back to work.2
  • 90% of parents said that the quality of teachers and staff is an extremely or very important factor when choosing care and education for their children.1
  • 58% want teachers with degrees in child development and/or early childhood education.2


New America: Two New Surveys of Parents Come with Surprises for Early Ed

1Trust for Learning: Parents as Consumers of Early Education Research

2NAEYC: Growing the Demand for Quality– Executive Summary

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