Minnesota’s Goals, Vision, and Guiding Principles

GOAL:  To create a process for developing a pathway to a BA that is inclusive and culturally informed by all the diverse groups providing care and education to young children B-8. 

VISION: A diverse, qualified, well-supported and fairly compensated workforce, inclusive of existing care and education professionals across settings, that respects and understands the background, cultures, and languages of the children in the system and that is engaged in continuous learning and professional growth. 


Public Good.  The care and education of young children birth to age 8 is a public good and responsibility as well as a critical component of economic health for all communities.  Employers and communities need to come together to support a highly qualified and diverse workforce.

Teaching is a Worthy Profession. Teaching across the birth to 8 continuum is a worthy profession and science indicates that a teacher’s impact is lifelong.  Early childhood teachers deserve respect and compensation. 

Focus on Children. The best interest of the children should be paramount.  Children’s early learning trajectories depend on the quality of their early learning experiences.   Teachers need knowledge of child growth and development as well as the requisite skills and competencies.  

Disparities Must be Addressed. The racial, ethnic, and income disparities in care, education and outcomes are urgent.  Given the growing racial and ethnic diversity of the US population, underserving children in immigrant families will create growing economic disparities.  It is critical to maintain and increase linguistic and cultural diversity in the workforce.  It is important to engage and empower diverse stakeholders in the plan development and bring all voices to the table.  

Higher Education System is a Key Player.  The higher education system in Minnesota is key to preparing early childhood educators.  The higher education system has the ability to change and has a track record of embracing innovation regarding delivery models.  

Progress Will Take Time. It will take many years to achieve the vision and therefor it is important to set incremental measures that can inform changes and course correction along the way.  

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