Recommendations for the 2019 Minnesota Legislative Session

Truly transforming Minnesota so that all children have access to a qualified, diverse, supported and fairly compensated early childhood educator will take many years of policy changes, significant investment of resources and fervent commitment to the end goal.

This legislative session we are recommending changes that build on successful programs we already have in place in Minnesota; things that we already know work.  We have focused on initiatives that will help stem the tide of loss of early childhood teachers.  We have a crisis in our state and are recommending that Minnesota take steps now to address this crisis knowing that we still have work to do to fully reform the overall system.

EC Workforce Policy Recommendations for 2019

For more information about early childhood related legislation, we recommend Child Care Aware of Minnesota’s web page.  They do a fabulous job of putting out a weekly bill tracker and update about all things related to early childhood.  Child Care Aware of Minnesota Bill Tracker