Subcommittee Members

In April and May, we created five new subcommittees that corresponded to the five priority areas of our draft plan. We invited subject matter experts and those who had indicated an interest in being involved to participate and held a series of meetings that looked at all the data gathered to date and then organized the data into appropriate categories for consideration and action.

The B8 Team held an all-day retreat in early June 2018  where we reviewed all of the work and identified activities that could begin in the immediate future- these are primarily things that do not need law change or funding – as well as those that will require some more resources.

Many thanks to~

Priority Area #1:

Develop and enhance programs in higher education for care and education professionals 

Debbie Hewitt  (B8 Workforce Team Lead, Priority Area Co-Lead, MDE)

Layna Cole  (B8 WorkforceTeam Member, Priority Area Co-Lead, Bemidji State University)

Mary Muhs (Rasmussen College)

Jolene Pearson (Bethel College)

Hope Doerner (B8 Workforce Team Member, Minneapolis Technical and Community College)

Peggy Novak (Northwestern College)

Megan Gunnar (University of Minnesota- Twin Cities)

Rachel Daley (Minnesota State College- Southeast Technical and Community College)

Sally Bass (Concordia University- St. Paul)

Priority Area #2

Strengthen practice-based requirements, including a supervised induction period, for all lead educators working with children from birth through age age 8

Christa Anders (B8 Workforce Team Project Manager, Priority Area Co-Lead, Advance- Consulting LLC)

Jenny Moses (B8 Workforce Team Member, Priority Area Co-Lead, Governor Daytons Office)

Laurie Coleman (Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc)

June Reineke (MDE)

Jennifer Barshack (DHS)

Peggy Cunningham (DHS)

Mary Kelsey (DHS)

Nedra Robinson (Concordia University)

Carmen Cook (Metropolitan State University)

Monshari Chandler (PICA Head Start)

Oth Lo Oliver (PICA Head Start)

Priority Area #3

Develop and implement comprehensive pathways and multiyear timeframes at the individual, institutional, and policy levels for transitioning to a minimum bachelor’s degree qualification requirement, with specialized knowledge and competencies, for all lead educators working with children from birth through age 8. 

Ann McCully (B8 Workforce Team Member, Priority Area Co-Lead, Child Care Aware of Minnesota)

Molly Harney (B8 Workforce Team Lead, Priority Area Co-Lead, University of Minnesota Duluth)

Kylie Cooper (Child Care Aware of Minnesota)

Valerie Peterson (Child Care Aware of Minnesota)

Mike Huber (Teacher, St. David’s)

Marian Hassan (Educational Consultant/Trainer)

Scott Parker (B8 Workforce Team Member, DHS/Child Development Services)

Heidi Frankard (Metropolitan State University)

Betzaida Vera-Heredia (Achieve) – no longer at this organization

Lynn Haglin (Northland Foundation)

Dawn Kemppainen-Olson (Mesabi Range Community College)

Lynn Balstad (NW Community Action Organization)

Connie Black (Montessori Training Center)

Jennifer Bouchie (University of Minnesota- Duluth)

Jacqueline Onchwari (University of Minnesota- Duluth)

Priority Area #4

Build a better knowledge base to inform workforce development and professional learning services and systems

Cisa Keller (B8 Workforce Team Member, Priority Area Lead, Think Small)

Carol Maliseewski (MDE)

Anita Larson (MDE)

Barb Fabre (Indigenous Visioning )

Rozalyn Zest (Robbinsdale Area Schools)

Nara Topp (DHS)

Jonathan May (Think Small)

Brandon Toner (DEED)

Priority Area #5

Support workforce development with coherent funding, oversight and policies. Collaboratively develop and periodically update coherent guidance that is foundational across roles and settings for care and education professionals working with children from birth through age 8. 

Nancy Jost (B8 Workforce Team Member, Priority Area Co-Lead, West Central Initiative Foundation)

Kelly Monson (B8 Workforce Team Member, Priority Area Co-Lead, Office of Governor Dayton)

Tracy Roloff (DHS)

Todd Otis (Think Small)

Gertrude Matemba-Mutasa (First Children’s Finance)

RaeJean Hanson (B8 Workforce Team Member, Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF))

Mary Vanderwert (MDE)